1. That Reagan would respond well to the new program.
2. That she will learn to tolerate and even love some of the different kinds of movements that are invlolved in the program.
3. That she would continue to strengthen and grow physically and that she will grow into a strong woman of God and share her amazing testimony that she is building.

1. She is loving the new gluten, dairy, wheat, and soy free diet! I can't believe she loves it this much! Praise God!
2. She has decreased her time on her inclined floor from one minute to 20 seconds! She is figuring it out!
3. Thank God for the help I've been getting from church friends and family to be able to do Reagan's program.

Reagan was born cyanotic (blue, not breathing). After a short time she breathed and her color returned. She also had a cephalohematoma (brain bleed) in utero. After 6 days of struggling with poor suck and being very irritable, she started having tonic clonic seizures. She was flown to the hospital and put on anti-convulsive meds. She stayed on this medication for 4 months while receiving in-home therapies. Her seizures stopped at about 5 months old and we discontinued med. She was diagnosed with hypotonia, neonatal seizures and global developmental delay. Today she still has low tone, no speech, and is immobile as far as crawling or walking. We started a new therapy in Dec. 2009 that invlolved traveling to Philadelphia, PA for a parent's course on "What to do with your brain-injured child." We read this book and knew that's what Reagan had...even though doctor's didn't admit it. We took the five day course and developed a home program that is taught by me, her mom, every day. It is very intense but is yielding fantastic results. The link is if anyone wants more information. We go back every 6 months to talk about her successes and alter her program to bring her to the next level of development. So far her chronic constipation has has loose stools every day! Her chewing and swallowing have greatly improved. she has grown in length and weight and has started making sounds. She travels on her inclined floor and decreasing her time on it. She breathes deeper and has color to her finally. Praise God for leading us to this!

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