Prayer Request:
1) For Annabel's constant battles with UTI's
2) For Annabel's pulmonary hypertension
3)For her airway that is slowly getting weaker and weaker
4)For her increasing need for oxygen

In Thanksgiving:
1) That Annabel will be 5 years old next week d.o.b. 3/17/05
2) For the sucess of the tethered cord surgery done 1/8/10
3) For doctors willing to help and see her purpose in living
4)Annabel continues to inspired and bless all those she meets

God has blessed us greatly with our family. Little did we know a little over 3 years ago, He would send us an angel named Annabel. Annabel was born with Trisomy 18, meaning "incompatible with life". Her diagnosis is also called Lethal with only 5-10% surviving to see their first birthday. Trisomy 18 affects most of the major organs is some way. With Annabel, her breathing is impaired, she has a hole and valve problem with her heart, neurogenic bladder and bowel, GI issues, developmental delays, sensitivity to sunlight, etc. With all this said, she is the most beautiful child we could have imagined. Annabel was brought to us through adoption. We never expected to have this much time with her and are so grateful. She is small for her age and many comment that she looks like a porcelin doll. Her feature are so beautiful. She truly doesn't ask much of life. She wakes each morning full of happiness and joy. She is our constant reminder of God's Greatness! Thank you for keeping her in your prayers. With such a fragile child her needs are more some day than others.

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Anonymous said...

My mothers name was Annabelle and she had many autoimmune issues - she like little Annabel suffered greatly - surely there is a reason we will understand someday but until then we can only try to make life easier for them - please lookup d-mannose its a simple product sold through gnc and the like that often prevents recurrent bladder and uti infections - hope this piece of info spares little girl some discomfort --much love and kisses