1. That Gavin can remain seizure free.
2. That he remains healthy and out of the hospital.
3. That his heart can tolerate the demands of his body and that he will not need to have surgery to replace his Mitral valve for a LONG time, if ever.
4. That he can grow developmentally and at least sit up on his own one day.
5. That he can stop gagging and spitting up so much.

1. That he has stayed out of the hospital for one year now!
2. That he has been seizure free for 9 months!
3. That he is more alert and active!
4. That he is alive and such a blessing to our family!

Gavin was born on September 15, 2006. He was born with Down syndrome, severe heart defects and respiratory issues. He has had to endure a lot in his life, thus far. He has had five surgeries and has spent six months of his life in hospitals. He suffered a stroke while recovering from one of the surgeries. He began having seizures shortly after the stroke. CAT scans show that all areas of Gavin's brain were affected by the stroke. Gavin's future developmental progress remains uncertain due to his stroke. Right now Gavin is considered to be at a 1-3 month age level. He is unable to sit or roll over on his own, and it is uncertain whether he will ever be able to do these things.

Gavin is legally blind, which they also attribute to the stroke. He has a pacemaker due to heart block and a G-tube for feeding, due to aspiration into his lungs. Gavin gets all of his nutrition through the G-tube. Cardiac wise, he is doing well for now. Although, he does have a Mitral valve leak in his heart that surgeons were unable to repair. Some day he may need a Mitral valve replacement, but surgeons like to wait until children are at least 10 years old, if possible, because they do not make an artificial valve that fits well into such tiny hearts.

Gavin may never be able to sit up, walk or talk. But, he is able to smile, show love and give love. Our family counts Gavin as one of our biggest gifts from God! We have been blessed by having Gavin in our lives and are proud of our little guy! We thank you for your prayers! "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Plilippians 4:6-7

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