Below are individual prayer requests from visitors. If you have a request and are not part of the PFLA family, please e-mail me so I can post your request here. Blessings to you ~ Tamara


"Hi my friend has a son who is autistic, his name is Chimwewe and he is 2 years old. I would like a prayer request for him that he talks one day. Thank you, Karen"


Debbie said...

My Dear Karen,
I am a very spritual person. I know & feel the love of Angels. Everyone has Angels assigned to them including Guardian angels. There are 12 Archangels who are here to help guide us on our journey. Each one has the ability to assist a human. All youhave to say is "Dear Angels,please help my friend's son Chimwewe to have the Gift of voice someday.Please shine the white light into his soul. And recognize that through your prayers you are asking the Love & Grace of the Divine to hear your prayers. Thank You for all your Heavenly gifts that you have given us. I can choose to see the "good" everywhere I turn. Or I can choose to see the "bad". The Archangels all have different gifts to offer. Archangel Rapheal is the Angel of healing.When you pray you can think it in your mind. You can say it out loud. You can be inside. You can be outside. It is nice to have soft music and a comfy spot. Or outside in Nature's beauty. Even if there is crystal powdery snow on the ground. Early morning light. The afternoon. Or at sunset. The night with the stars & moon. God meant for me to see your request. I am a Pediatric Nurse. And I know my gift is to help all "children." You may always pray for yourself and loved ones.
And Karen, I will be praying for little Chimwewe. And Karen you have Angels around you. You feel and think through your Heart.That is beautiful.
Hope Peace Love & Light

deborah said...

My Dear Karen,
I have just prayed to the Lord for Chimwewe to hear. The Lord is always listening. He hears our hearts cry and he answers prayers. There are Angels all around Chimwewe as well. Call onto the Angels to pray to the Lord to the hear Our prayers. He is The Lord's Blessing to us all.
God Bless You Karen. You are in my prayers as well.
Deborah Currier