1. That she will continue to take steps towards development in all areas
2. That we will find the right answer to her continuing reflux issues
3. That she will get stronger and stronger at holding her head up for longer periods of time
4. That we find the right choices towards Isabelle's schooling needs

1. The she has started smiling more.
2. That she has become so much more content than we ever expected
3. That she is sleeping better through the night
4. That she has taught us so much in such a short time
5. That her little brother Wesley is starting to recognize her and attempts to interact with Isabelle more
6. That our family has been blessed and enriched by having her a part of it

Our first born, Isabelle was born 12 weeks premature. She weighed 1 pound 14 ounces She really did well her first few weeks of life. Then one day the doctors called and said it appeared that she might be coming down with an infection. Isabelle had come down with an intestinal infection which resulted in her losing 1/3 of her small intestine and all of her large. During the time of her infection, Isabelle's blood pressure plummeted causing the doctors to administer many strong medications at one time. These two occurances in turn caused there to be severe bleeding in her brain. We have been told Isabelle may never be able to walk, talk, feed herself, or even sit up on her own. Isabelle spent 6 1/2 months in the NICU. In that time, she had 3 surgeries all on her intestinal area and also had a G-Tube placed. Even though Isabelle has shown significant delays, her dad and I still find joy in celebrating all the tiny steps she has taken. God has taught us so much already including the true meaning of unconditional love and the power of prayer. She is one of the greatest gifts given to our family.



you are a beautiful girl .i'm sending my prayers your way and good cheer. god bless you . i'm happy to see your praise report is uplifting . your content, sleeping through the night and know your fdamily was so blessed the day they ;layed there eyes on your sweet face god bless my child of god in his name amen
i pray for the strength and the peace to contiune for yourseld and mum and dad.

Anonymous said...

I love Isabelle's name, she is a doll! Will be praying for you, I also wanted to encourage you to visit my sisters blog, it is on the right side bar of my blog: "Inside Amy's World". She has a 3 and 1/2 yob with CP and has dealt with it sounds like all or most of the same type situations that you have with Isabelle...Just thought you might be interested. Shi~

marie clare said...

Praying for you and your beautiful daughter Isabelle. So happy to hear she is sleeping thorugh the night and overall more content.
Marie Clare