Haley's Walkathon

PFLA would like to reach out to everyone asking for as much or as little as you can offer to a worthy cause. Below you will find a link to Firstgiving (Fundraising page) and beyond that link you will find a short story about a little girl who has struggled her entire life just to live. Haley has been living with challenges beyond what most have ever dreamed of. Please take a minute to log in and help out.

Haley is now 12 years old. She is still suffering from daily seizures. She continues to have profound communication delays and is nonverbal. Her autism and behaviors continue to dictate much of her life.......she works all day at school with an aide and is seen by an ABA therapist about 8 hours a week, and a speech therapist to help advance her skills and help her to be the best Haley she can be! She still loves music, jumping on the tramp and water and enjoys spending time with her families! She is such a great kid and turning into a sweet young lady. It goes without saying that we have ongoing challenges with her, but she continues to be a light in a dark world!

Haley's Walkathon PAGE Sponsor her here!

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